treading technology

This following blog contains random thoughts as i process my immense steep learning curve, treading technology as it ripples all around me. Okay, the above is a picture of electricity (offered with generosity through creative commons) and it looks like i feel when immersing myself with technology!  The pinecones, you might ask?      They symbolize resting nature as i fervidly download, […]

so many tools…

This continued learning journey is exciting and … still treading! So many options- blogging, google and freshgrade- so, to check this out further, I have already explored the art of blogging, and continue to do so, and… in our cohort, have wholeheartedly embraced the google doc phenomena and now.. Freshgrade. Here is a video demonstrating this tool […]

~Between a rock and ….. technology~

So this week, the inundated feelings of overwhelm emerge…fully flooding my brain, beyond what i think to be possible at my saturation level! I think that there is a technique in behavioural psychology called Flooding.  That is it!  Flooded by the jargon, aaaand, the most incredible thing is… i am learning about these words, #hashtag, tweeting […]

Here i am

Howsit? I was born in South Africa and am now living on Coast Salish territory.  Thank you to the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations on whose traditional territories I live, work, learn and play!  It is a privilege~ I am flooded with learning new (to me) technology and it feels like it is flying at me so fast that I am […]